Things I Don’t Need But Still Want to Buy

by on Thursday, December 10th, 2009
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I'm not sure it's true, but it's a fun sentiment to mull over for a bit. Photo from

There are certain things that I’d love to have, but know they’re pretty damn impractical. While I may never buy these things in my lifetime, it doesn’t hurt to at least LOOK. So look I shall. And look you shall…do, also!

louboutin boots

Christian Louboutin Boots: So pretty, but so not really in my price range at all.  Christian Louboutin Circus Suede & Net Ankle Boots $1,295.00

best massage chairs

Vibrating Massage Chair: Last year I kept thinking about buying a massage chair. Up until I saw how expensive they are. And then I talked myself down from even getting a Portable Massage Cushion and instead got a handheld Massager. It works great, but I still kind of want an upgrade. Just…an upgrade that doesn’t involve me spending $2,000+! Panasonic EP30003KU Real Pro Ultra Massage Lounger, Black $2,220.06 / P.S. This portable massager makes the wearer look like a NINJA TURTLE! Ahahaha.

marie antoinette dress

marie antoinette oscars

Dresses worn in the Marie-Antoinette Movie: I guess I don’t really have any real occasions to wear them, except for Halloween. And they’re probably not for sale. But damn, they’re pretty.

rain showerhead

Expensive Shower Head: First up on my list is a really fancy shower head. We want to save and conserve water, so purposefully getting an item that’d encourage me to stay in the shower longer doesn’t sit well with my conscience. The Waterpik site says of Aquascapes: “Transform your shower into a luxurious retreat with the Aquascape™ shower head series from Waterpik®. Choose between the classic design and overhead drenching of the Aquascape Spa or contemporary styling and invigorating total-body coverage of the Aquascape Total Body.” Waterpik Aquascape 8-Mode Showerhead with Adjustable Arm, Chrome ON SALE $59

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