The Vampire Diaries Fashion: Katherine Pierce Shoes

by on Monday, December 6th, 2010

Katherine Pierce? She’s a badass mutha in The Vampire Diaries, and she’s not much for apologies about anything. I’m not saying you should go out and be ruthless like her, but if you need a confidence boost…have you considered that half of Katherine’s power comes from her shoes? (The other half is from her hair, yes.)

katherine pierce shoes

katherine pierce shoes

Katherine Pierce shoes are always black. If they’re not black, she’s not wearing them! They’re heeled – the pointier the better. They can be boots, booties (although she’d hardly call them that) or platform pumps.

Black Booties: Click Here ON SALE $47.00

the vampire diaries shoes

Black Booties: Click Here ON SALE $30

Dress like Katherine Pierce, but don’t break the bank. I purposefully found two booties under $50 for you guys. It’s not like you can compel the store to just give you everything for free. (I suspect Katherine does this, when not just killing the store workers.)

katherine vampire diaries fashion

Black Platform Heels: Click Here $44

the vampire diaries fashion

Black Suede Platform Heels: Click Here $65 ON SALE

vampire diaries fashion

Black Platform Pumps: Click Here $49

Do you want more of The Vampire Diaries fashion? Of course you do! Hold up there! For more fun pieces like this check out our archive of: Dress like a TV Character

Katherine Pierce is played by Nina Dobrev.

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