The Bedsheets Marilyn Monroe Would Have Wanted

by on Saturday, January 9th, 2010

skull pillow

Sin In Linen™  is a company that challenges you to be adventurous and have some of the fun you forgot you stopped having. They encourage you to show your personality through the objects you own – be it shower curtains, sheets, curtains, towels, glassware, calendars or sleepwear. Whatever you own should be a reflection of you. The company offers all of the aforementioned products, and all in their personally-picked prints and patterns. These eccentric and eclectic prints include wickedly seductive vines, pouty pin-up girls, skulls, animal prints, lip prints (SMOOCH), flames, tattoos and dragon imagery.

To put it lightly, this ain’t your Mother’s idea of ‘proper’ bedding. Although, they DO offer bedskirts! (Mom’s always love bedskirts. I don’t know why. They just do. When you become a Mom you’ll spend far too much time thinking about bedskirts, I bet.) Liven up your life with the things you know you love, and not just what you assume is available. Your sheets don’t have to be plain white!  – pass that message around, wouldya?

moroccan sheets

It’s worth spending money on something you LOVE when you’ll see and use it every day. A set of two pillowcases starts at $29.00. What’s great is that you can mix and match a lot of the patterns for bedding. So you could get the Rock Your Kasbah sheets and then the Dreamy Linens White Skull Star duvet cover.

Now in it’s 5th year, the company has two new design collections for you to shop. There’s the ‘Wish You Were Here’ pin-up inspired print and the ‘Sugar Skulls’ print which was inspired by the Day of the Dead.

I was sent one of their shower curtains so I could review their product, and I am verily impressed!  The shower curtain has a 300 thread count and as such feels very soft. It’s made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The Wallflower Shower Curtain easily (and quickly)  injected personality into my boring ol’ bathroom.

When you own something from Sin N Linen, you automatically grant yourself the right to call yourself a ‘foxy lady’.

skull sheets

burlesque pjsskull pjstattoo pants

Shop the site: Sin In Linen “Try something new in bed.”

She shops smart – she’s you! Smart shopping is always in style.

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