Seven Perfect Summer Sheer Tights for Women

by on Thursday, May 6th, 2010

sheer patterned tightsI received an e-mail the other day that went as follows:


You posted an article about tattoo tights, I’ve been looking for the christian audigier rose tights. I can’t find them anywhere! Do you know anywhere I can find them?


Hey there Ashley,

I checked the Christian Audigier site, as well as the DJ Premium one, and it seems they’re all sold out. I did find some other possibilities you might consider. The only kind of tights to consider wearing in spring and summer are sheer ones – and having patterned sheer tights just makes them more exciting. Luckily, most indoor places are air conditioned, so these aren’t as out of the question as you’d think.

You know, I used to have to wear nylons to events like weddings and special church mornings… AND I HATED IT. Seriously, the quickest way to become enemies with a preteen is to order them to wear nylons. They were always such an ugly color (usually one shade too dark for my actual skin tone), all beige and stupid. Plus, they always inevitably got caught on something and get a “run” because they were cheap, drugstore pairs. I would have felt actually hip in something more like these.

– Jessica

patterned tights for women

Wolford “Diamond” Sheer Tights $58

kate spade tights

Kate Spade Caging Tights $28

sheer patterned tights

Falke Vittoria Sheer Tights $28 / Found them for $25

sheer patterned tights for women

Levante Sheer Patterned Tights ‘Maze’ $12

tattoo tights

ASOS Heart Seam Sheer Patterned Tattoo Tights ON SALE $10

tatoo tights

Gipsy Sexy Back Seam Rose Tights $10

betsy johnson tights

Betsy Johnson Starry Night Sheer Patterned Tights $24

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