Are they at all Possibly Worth it? : Sandals That Tone Your Legs

by on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010
Don't you wish you could be in this picture? I do. Photo by cirkusprinsesse on Flickr.

Don't you wish you could be in this picture? I do. Photo by cirkusprinsesse on Flickr.

Photo by blmurch on Flickr.

Photo by blmurch on Flickr.

There is a new type of sandal flooding shelves (virtual or not) right now. It’s the style of sandals that tone legs. The most popular version seem to be by the brand Fit Flops, but now Sketches has introduced their Tone Up’s (cheaper fitness sandals, but with better reviews than Fit Flops). And I even found a pair by Champion at Payless (this means they cost less). I suppose these are great for people who like to take long walks (although, not on the beach – the sand is already tough enough to get over) but I think speed walkers might have a problem with them. And for every day use, I honestly don’t know how comfortable they are. I don’t like to buy things that could potentially stress myself/body/system. I also don’t like to give myself more of a chance of falling on my face (edit: I almost fell out of my computer chair during the course of just typing up this post!). But for all I know they actually do work, and are comfortable. So, here are your options. I’d say go for the cheapest pair, except I only have for sure heard good things about Sketechers Tone Up’s- which means that this style of shoe does work, but you have to get only certain brands. SHRUG. Who knows?

I'd love to meet this woman - she is so stylish. Photo by leecullivan on Flickr.

I'd love to meet this woman - she looks so stylish. Photo by leecullivan on Flickr.

I wonder where they are walking to. Photo by nestavazquez on Flickr.

I wonder where they are walking to. Photo by nestavazquez on Flickr.

sandals that tone legs

Spring Fitness Sandal $24.
“It features a dual density EVA midsole that provides exceptional cushioning and encourages muscle toning by creating a slight instability while you walk, a contoured EVA footbed that provides a comfortable fit by cradling the natural contours of the foot and a rubber outsole to maximize durability and traction.”

sandals that build muscles

fitflop Women’s Electra Sandal Starting at $56.
“How does the FitFlop make you fitter? Every step you take in the FitFlop helps tone and trim your legs, improve your muscle tone, increase muscle activity and circulation, improve your balance and posture, and burn calories.”

sketches tone ups

Skechers Cali Women’s Tone-Ups-Funk Frenzy Wedge Sandal Starting at $48.
“Tones and strengthens muscles in back, buttocks and legs.” These actually have much better reviews on different blogs, with people saying these tone-ups are more comfortable to wear than fit flops. And these are the cheaper ones, which is surprising.

sandals that tone

Earth Women’s Exer-Flip Sport Thong $44. “The most defining feature of Earth footwear is Kalsø Negative Heel Technology – a unique inclined sole that positions the toes 3.7 degrees higher than the heels. The slight angle shifts weight subtly back over the heels, and can help strengthen and tone the body while also burning calories.”

And now for something totally different-ish:croc sandals

Capri Flip Flops by CROC $34.

These aren’t fitness sandals. But as far as comfy sandals go – these seem to be the creme de la creme. I came across the Women’s Capri Flip Flop by CROCS (never though I’d want a pair of Crocs, my frickin’ Lord!) and I think they look awesome. I mean, style wise I’m not in looove with them – but the description and amazon reviews (I truly do rely on what people write to see what the consensus is!) make them seem like a really good shoe investment. Amazon reviewer tip: These run big, so order a size smaller. Lightweight, comfy sandals? If you’re going on vacation anywhere – these would be the pair for you. And maybe the pair for me, even though I’m not going anywhere cool ;p

P.S. Be glad I’m not suggesting THESE weird shoes.

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