Review: Lalo Treasures Jewelry of Whimsy and Delight

by on Thursday, April 1st, 2010


I was recently introduced to the Lalo Treasures jewelry line. Created by Israeli designer Orna Lalo (who has a whopping 20 years of experience creating her jewelry), these pieces are the perfect pick-me-up for whatever day of the week gets you down the most (I tend to feel like I’m losing my mind on Wednesdays). Whimsical and wearable, I definitely encourage you to check out the Lalo Treasures website for great jewelry deals.

Lalo plays up the beauty of nature in her jewelry and translates it to an item that glows with hope and happiness.



Aside from the visual appeal (Lalo is not afraid of color) what really draws me to this jewelry is that they’re all crafted out of resin. Resin is much more durable than plastic, but it retains a light feeling. Which is great when you want to wear large earrings, or a trendy statement necklace. I hate wearing heavy jewelry, it just makes me want to go home and dump it all off on my vanity. But Lalo Treasures jewelry is absolutely true to its promise of making light jewelry.

wonderful day


Do you think that Kate Hudson wears a Valentino gown without knowing anything about the designer? Nope! She parties with him and they probably go mini-golfing together!  Anyway… I feel the same way about knowing the creator of things I purchase. As I mentioned up above, Orna Lalo is the creative driving force behind Lalo Treasures. Lalo plays up the beauty of nature in her jewelry and translates it to an item that glows with hope and happiness. The vibrant colors used in her art are a direct correlation to her cheerful personality.

The appeal of this line extends from children to grownups.



For spring and summer 2010 the collection to watch is “The Birds and the Beads”. Splashes of sweet melon, sun-ripened raspberries, and lush green foliage abound! The images of flowers are heavy, but there is also a lot of fantastical birds and shapes found only in the wonderland that is nature (you needn’t be Alice to enjoy them!). The appeal of this line extends from children to grownups. Finally, something you won’t mind sharing with your little sister, or Mom!

Reviewing the Jewelry, Close-Up!

I really love another collection by Lalo Treasures, called “The Ocean Tales Jewelry Collection”. I was sent some pieces to review for you guys. The GOLDEN FLEECE ARGO necklace looks like it’d be heavy with it’s translucent layers of gold and silver. But it’s actually not. This is one statement necklace I’ll have no problem wearing comfortably. And believe me, I am ALL about comfort. That necklace has matching earrings which, though quite large, feel so easy on my earlobes!

The hair pins are bright and sunny, perfect against any hair color to stand out and not just fade into your hair. What’s more, the pins feel incredibly sturdy and I can see the detail put into them. This isn’t something you could pick up at just any store. You can tell these are special.

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ocean necklace

great earrings

hair pin unique hair pins

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