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by on Monday, October 25th, 2010

You can accessorize purses with some great products from FUMI. Two of their great purse accessories include the FUMI Bracelet Pursehook and the FUMI Scarlett Sash.

FUMI stands for: Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation

I received a FUMI Bracelet Pursehook. The FUMI is a pursehook, bangle bracelet, and works as a decorative purse accessory. It can hold up to 25 lbs.  The FUMI pursehook is all ecofriendly, right down to the packaging and recycled rubber padding. I did NOT think I would like this as a bracelet, but it turns out that I do! I like it because it’ll be with you at all times, you can get it any style, and you will never have to put your purse on a restaurant floor again. These would be great as bridal shower favors. These are also great for birthday party favors for adults or teens. Especially if the party involves taking a trip somewhere, where you’d use the FUMI purse hook.

Perfect For: Public Restrooms, Restaurants, Shopping Carts, Theaters, Concerts, Baby Bags, Casinos, Sporting Events, and much more!

I also received the FUMI Scarlett Sash. What does this do? It’s a very affordable little scarf purse accessory, and since there are so many styles you can switch up the look of a purse often. But it does more than that. It can be attached to use as a zipper pull and as a cleaner for your glasses, sunglasses, camera or iphone screen. The Scarlett is made of micro fiber poly-lyrca, which doesn’t scratch anything. I find this invaluable when I wear glasses. It can also help you identify a piece of luggage or backpack. And who doesn’t need luggage identification ideas? ( …Just me, because I never get to go anywhere! Wah!)

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