Love them! Arch Modern Earrings feature a Long Organic Design

by on Monday, September 6th, 2010

I’m a little bit timid with modern jewelry design. I went through a phase where I was very much the iconic polished girl who also wore classic, traditional items or clean lines. I had embraced my perfectionism in a way where everything was black and sleek and ironed and “perfect.”¬† But I’ve been venturing into two realms: funky/fun style, boho/boho chic style. While sometimes I think of modern jewelry as “perfect” there’s actually a lot of modern jewelry artists who embrace ideas of whimsy and nature.

Check out the long earring design on these puppies! Long earrings are wonderful if they're not heavy. And these aren't heavy at all!

I found a lot I liked at Oye Modern, but one piece that really called out to me (oh yes, it called! or yodeled!) was the Arch earrings by In-Sync Design. I received a pair to review. First off, I LOVE long earring designs, but that usually equates to heavy, droopy things. Not in this case. They’re SURPRISINGLY light. I almost forgot I was wearing them. Of course, I was also very aware that I was wearing them because I was feeling cocky! It’s true. I’m guilty. I knew that these earrings looked amazing, and I loved knowing I was wearing a pair of earrings that would be envied by some of my favorite stylish celebrities and friends. These are my rockstar earrings, because they make me feel like a rockstar. There’s really nothing I don’t love about these earrings. (Other than the fact that my sister wants to steal them.)

Here's your wonderful surgical stainless steel earrings on display. Pow! Beauty! Pow! Gorgeous!

Aside from being light on the ear lobes, I was never worried they’d fall off. I think they look great if you have dark hair and you wear your hair down, or if you have any color hair and wear it up to showcase them. These are modern, but I love the organic edge they have. These were actually made by being illustrated as one continuous line. So to me, they speak of boho chic and nature and just all of the things I want my jewelry to do for me right now. I love that¬† they match everything the way basic hoops would, but they still definitely has a personality and a point of view (I’m channeling Tim Gunn!)

Oye Modern features many modern jewelry artists worthy of your love and attention.

Little did I know when I selected the Arch earrings, that the owner of Oye Modern, Jeni, wears these almost every day. Her good taste is seen in all of the cool selections she makes to feature on the site. So my review of Oye Modern is: love them! The site navigation, the packaging, the fun red logo, it’s all stuff I can speak very highly about. And I love that they’re presenting you with modern jewelry artists you might otherwise not know about.

Clockwise, top left: Victoria Mason Necklace, Eli Earrings, Smug Designs Earrings, and Victoria Mason jewellery pendant

In-Sync Design is just one of the many up-and-coming designers featured on Oye Modern. I really like lots of their designs like Flow Earrings and Nest Necklace (it reminds me of an artists’ sketching.) Other designers featured are Timothy Lilies with his Crayon Rings, Smug Designs with cool asian prints like on the Motif Blue Disc Earrings, Eli makes really beautiful prism shaped jewelry, and one of my new favorite designers Victoria Mason has so many great things from her Pencil Shaving Necklace to the i heart Necklace that looks like measuring tape. You’re sure to be inspired by some pieces here. Prices range for every piece, from the “easily doable as a treat to myself” to the “I really want this so I’ll spend a little extra.”

Find it all at: Oye Modern – and keep them in mind next time you need to get someone a unique gift!

And, pssst! we have an upcoming jewelry giveaway for one of you to win a pair of Arch earrings!

Disclosure: I received a product to review, but was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are my own.

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