Pure Pearls Review: Modern Pearl Necklace w/ Multi Colored Pearls

by on Monday, September 27th, 2010

Pearls are something I write about a lot on RingOBlog.com as I cover rings, because there’s such a timelessness to a pearl. They’re classic. When I got a chance to work with PurePearls.com, I was suitably impressed by the variety of pearl colors and combination’s they offered. Forget about just white, there’s black pearls, gold pearls, pink pearls, lavender pearls and combination’s that use them all. (And that struck my fancy! …Yes, I have a fancy!)

Pure Pearls has pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearl pendants and pearl sets. Many types of pearls are offered, from the very round-shaped Akoya Pearls to large, rare South Sea Pearls. Black pearls aka Tahitian Pearls are very popular these days and can only be found in Oysters in Tahiti and its surrounding areas.

I decided to review the multicolored Tin Cup necklace in 14k yellow gold. While white gold is a nice choice for lots of jewelry, I felt like the yellow gold complimented the different-colored pearls better. And when I got a chance to talk to the general manage of PurePearls.com, Ashley McNamara, she had the exact same opinion – citing that she felt the gold lightened up the pearls and helped give an added richness to the necklace. (Not only was Ashley completely nice, but it’s clear that she has a real passion for pearls. That sounds cheesy. Let me put it this way… her way of speaking about the jewelry on the site isn’t clinical or just business-like, she seems to have a truly personal aesthetic appreciation for pearls.)

I think the Tin Cup is a very modern pearl necklace which holds a timeless appeal because it uses pearls. It has that name because Renee Zellwegger was wearing this type of necklace a lot while filming the movie Tin Cup. (I know, I didn’t see the movie either!)

This pearl necklace came in a very special black gift box with an appraisal. I love that this is a versatile piece of jewelry. I can put it on when I’m wearing a dress and going out to dinner, or I can wear it with a shirt and jeans for a day of shopping. It elevates any outfit I’m wearing, and I think it sends a message that I am very stylish! 😉 Because duh, I totally am. And I think pairing these with some pearl studs is nice, especially colored pearl studs (like pink or lavender.) That really pulls the entire look together. For a bracelet or ring I wouldn’t use pearls then, I’d use a simple gold bracelet (or ring) to pick up the warm tones from the gold in the necklace.

The necklace is stunning in person. There’s no other word for it. The pearls seem to have their own personal spotlight assistants, as they shine and stand out like the true gems I already knew they would be. I think that this Tin Cup Necklace from Pure Pearls would be great as a bridesmaid gift. Or, if you’re a parent who has more than one daughter – consider getting each daughter this type of necklace but each in one pearl color that they’d like best. That way they get similar gifts and they won’t fight. (Trust me, I grew up with sisters. If one suspects the other got something better, a small fight will often start.) Pearl jewelry, in general, makes for great gifts for daughters from mothers or gifts for daughters 18th birthday celebration’s, etc.

Multi-color Freshwater Pearl Tin Cup Necklace, 7.0-8.0mm

A sweet twist on a modern classic, our candy-colored multi-color Freshwater pearl tin cup necklace features delicate pink, lavender and white 7.0-8.0mm pearls stationed at 1-inch intervals. All of our tin cup necklaces are made by hand, per your specifications.

Select AA+ quality, or upgrade to AAA for even sharper luster and more uniformly round pearls. Finished with an easy to use 14K spring ring clasp, this tin cup necklace is sure to quickly become a favorite in your everyday wardrobe! Our Signature Little Black Gift Box and a GIA Graduate Prepared Appraisal are included with every purchase.

Everything arrived quickly, and was packaged very beautifully and professionally. Pure Pearls is now letting ShesSmart.com host a pearl giveaway. Look for that post later today! In the meantime, check out these freshwater pearl bracelets to see what colors of pearls you like.

My final word is that while you might be able to find pearls lots of places I personally would trust Pure Pearls to give me a fair price, a quality piece of jewelry, and excellent customer service. They’ve won my seal of approval for sure. (And I’ll admit it, I’m picky as hell.)

Disclosure: I was given a review item but not monetarily compensated in any way. My opinions are my own.

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