Marshalls Deals: Cynthia Rowley Sale Bags and More!

by on Monday, September 13th, 2010

I’ve made it no secret that one of my favorite places to shop is at Marshall‘s. And I was recently very lucky to receive a gift card from the press people for Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. What does that mean? That a shopping trip was mandatory, dude! So off I trotted into my local Marshall‘s.

(I do have plans to go to a T.J. Maxx soon because my Granny is incredibly sweet and gave me a gift card for there. Which was fitting, because growing up I used to sleep-over her place and the next day we’d always to go garage sales and T.J. Maxx because of the great deals. She is a woman with great taste, and probably is part of the reason I love interior design so much.)

It’s hard to say what my favorite area’s in Marshall‘s are, because they have a ton of different great sections – shoes, clothing, bedding, decor, furniture, beauty…etc. I tend to gravitate towards the handbags and the decor. I got a lot of ideas as I walked the aisles. They have a special aisle set up for Halloween decorations, of course. And all the Fall trends and fashions are out – boots, chunky sweaters, really cool leather jackets on sale… yea, more than a few things caught my eye.

I was really psyched to see they had a ton of marked down Cynthia Rowley sale bedding/home items – from blankets to bedding packages. There were some great marked down bags from The Sak (love them), Red by Marc Ecko bags on sale, and even gourmet Godiva flavored coffee’s.

I spotted the Red By Marc Ecko Handbag, Dusk Till Dawn Crossbody Bag, discounted at Marshalls:

And I also spotted this large Cynthia Rowley bag on sale:

There was also Cynthia Rowley bedding on sale. Including really fun blankets. The soft blankets on the far left are all Cynthia Rowley. I really liked the two kind of exotic blankets with the red/purple mix and the green/brown mix (that one didn’t photograph well at all!). And net to that is my FAVORITE, this tiered, ruffled light blue Cynthia Rowley blanket. (It looks like an Oscar gown, I know!) Yes, I’m pretty much totally in love with CR stuff right now! I almost bought the blanket, but my bedroom color scheme involves greens and golds and purples, not blues. Rawr!

Then were these amazing Cynthia Rowley bedding items on sale, like bed-in-a-bag type dealies with the sparkly pillows. The actual bedding has these beautiful white flowers on them. So chic.(I had no clue there were Cynthia Rowley Bed in a Bag dealies, but I love that there are.)

And there’s just so many fun things – cute teapots, adorable pet beds, etc. Who couldn’t love it? I ended up scoring a majorly discounted bottle of my favorite Brit by Burberry winter perfume.

Marshalls has great deals, same as T.J. Maxx.

Disclosure: I was given a giftcard for my shopping experience, but my opinions of things are my own.

This is one of our picks for Accidental Autumn Happiness! (2010)

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