Lingerie for your Toes: Yay or Nay?

by on Sunday, December 27th, 2009

toe lingerie

The idea of lingerie for my toes gives me the impulse to laugh. I don’t have a toe socksfoot fetish and I don’t plan on starting one. Sure, I’ll paint my toenails like any other gal – but to go out of my way to decorate my toes in other ways? Hell, I don’t even wear toe rings because I think they can look tacky. But Voet Hosiery is an interesting concept, at the very least.

The idea is that toe cleavage (whether the front part of your toes, or the cracks of the tops of your toes) is unsightly and should be hidden! (As a matter of taste, not by law.)  Personally I think the entire point of a peeptoe pump is to show the toes…but I’m with them on the top-toe cleavage! Little lace footies are all it takes to wear and make a new statement with your shoes.

I like the basic white “Gloria”, the eggplant”Rita” and the black/pink “Maria”. All of these have scalloped tops and I think they look very sweet. They are $15.00 each.Whether they’re comfortable to wear? I’d lean a bit towards “no”.

What do you saavy readers think of these toe lingerie pieces from designer Vicki Kysella? Be honest – would you wear them? Worth your money or waste of money?

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