Jalapeno Shopper Jewelry Review

by on Thursday, July 1st, 2010

My Jalapeno Shopper items arrived today. You’ll love the packaging. Everything is very festive, all jewelry items are wrapped up in plastic with proper labels, then tucked into bright orange tissue paper before being slipped into an open sleeve envelope that has the Jalapeno Shopper logo sticker on it.  Too cute.

The Clarity and Intuition Necklace features three unique, color-coordinated beads on a silver chain. Perfect to wear with solid-colored shirts, tanks, or sun dresses.  Black and blue are the two main color components, as well as white, and a wash of pink.

Be careful, because these beads (which are sturdy and great) can and will fall off of the chain if you don’t latch it every time you take it off. But what’s great about that fact is that you can take the beads off of the chain and use other chains, or even pair them up with a pendant.

This here is the Tropical Cluster Ring. It’s very vibrant, and does not lack in an excess of joyful colors. It’s nice that the ring is adjustable, and the ring shank is split to be airy. But be careful about adjusting the ring too much or the integrity gets totally out of whack.

There’s still time to enter:

Giveaway: Jalapeno Shopper Clarity and Intution Necklace and the Tropical Adjustable Cluster Ring

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