How to Wear a Headband with Long Hair: Two Style Worthy Options

by on Friday, March 18th, 2011

Wearing a headband in the most traditional way doesn’t make sense, since there are so many new and creative sorts of headbands (fabric, being a popular kind.) But even with the most standard of headbands (we’re talking plastic from a $2 bin) just pushing all of your hair back is not exactly a stylish way to go about things. To give you a quick example, I pulled two pictures to show you two different ways to wear a headband, especially with long hair.

how to wear a headband with long hair

Here, the trick is using a side part, then pulling the front section back, while leaving some loose hair under.

To wear a headband with long hair, especially if you have bangs, leave plenty of hair in front of the ear. Settle (or nestle!) the headband down without pushing anything back.

These images, and the amazing headbands are from LemkaB on Etsy.

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