Using Stupid Math to Figure Out How to Layer Necklaces Like the Celebs and Their Pro’s

by on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

audrey hepburn necklaceIf laying necklaces is giving you trouble, we’ve got tips! If you really feel insecure about laying your own necklaces, you can buy a layered necklace look. But isn’t it more fun to be creative and artsy and just experiment on your own? You can probably do the layered necklace look with necklaces you already own.

People often have trouble layering necklaces because it’s not about just buying something, it’s about buying two different things and using a sense of fashion or style to make them work together.

how to layer necklaces Make sure to keep one necklace longer than the other, and I like to keep them in the same metal group (silver with silver, brass with brass, gold with gold) but that’s not a strict rule. To get ideas for the best types of necklaces that layer look in magazines and blogs for pictures of styled models, or just girls who took their photo to show off their sense of style! Another trick is that it can be helpful to use items both from the same place for a cohesive look (if that’s what you’re going for). For instance:

(THIS IS NOT MATH, I HATE MATH! But, okay. You just take the smaller necklace that equals X and take the longer necklace that equals X+Y =  PRETTY! You can even try X+Y+Y2. Ha!)

(Another math solution for you is that if A = a large statement necklace, and B = a smaller single pearl necklace, it’s great to put A+B together to = omg you are so chic!)

Pick your pony, SILVER or GOLD:

Take the Silver Cube Necklace in 16″ $32 then add the Silver Circles Necklace in 18″ $55.

Take the Gold Cube Necklace in 16″ $38 then add the Gold Ovals Necklace in 18″ $55.

You can wear each necklace on its own, or paired with another¬† – or layer even another necklace with the two. When you switch things up, people think it’s new – and yet you didn’t spend a single extra penny! You are so smart, you are a fashion Olympian. And you did it all with style under 100. Take a bow.

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