The Fun Wallet Choice That Will Make Life Easier

by on Saturday, March 6th, 2010

kisslock wallet My wallet of choice is the kind called a kisslock wallet. It’s reminiscent of the little coin purses I had as a little girl (when I had roughly the same amount of moola as I do now – kiiiding). But my reasons for wanting this kind of wallet aren’t strictly about sentimentality – it’s about practicality.

SKIP SENSIBLE PRINTS For years I’ve had different zippered wallets, always in a sensible (read: black) color. But I began to loathe zippered wallets, and I realized that a kisslock wallet opens and closes so much easier.

purple wallets

SAVE TIME You know those pieces they’ll put in magazine sometimes, telling you how many days of your life you’ll spend shaving your legs cumulatively if you live until 80? (It makes me want to go on strike!) Well, I don’t know how long they’d say we’d spend dealing with problematic wallets, but this has to be cutting down the time.

button wallet

DOUBLE DUTY Something nice about some kisslock wallets are that they double as a clutch. It can be a relief to only have to carry something small, and have everything in it without taking much effort to transfer the essential cards and spare tissue into another clutch. If you plan to use your wallet to double as a clutch, that is the only time I think you should spend very much on your wallet. I mean, okay – you need to spend enough on one that it won’t fall apart because if it falls apart…you’re screwed. But there’s not a ton of reason to spend perfectly good shoe money on your wallet. People won’t see it as much as you think (unless you’re becoming a shopaholic).

pink wallets

Pictured: Frenzeee Kiss Lock Wallet on sale $34, Room It Up Fun Flower Kiss Wallet $22.50, Purple Dot Swirl Kisslock Wallet $16, (not shown) Snake Print Clutch Wallet $10, HOBO INTERNATIONAL Dana Button Wallet $75, Deena & Ozzy Kisslock Clutch $20

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