Feather Headbands for Women Under $50!

by on Monday, July 11th, 2011

While headbands on their own aren’t as trendy or popular right now, feathers in all shapes and forms are all the rage. Which means that, lucky for us, feather headbands are totally fair game. Below, I’ve found five that I like that are not just using the shape of a feather, but actual feathers. I’m not sure if we can say that Aria from Pretty Little Liars started this trendy, but her feather hair accessories have definietly served as inspiration for many people.

Picking out a headband is really the first of many steps when it comes to wearing a headband. You can part your hair, or not. You can wear your hair down (straight, curled at the end, or entirely curled), half up/half down, or all the way up (with shorter layers pulled to frame your face or not.)

Before I wrote this post, I didn’t know anything about the brand L. Erickson, and I still don’t know much. But what I do know is that they make really nice headbands, as two that I picked ended up being by that design brand.

With the different thicknesses of headbands, and types of feathers – you can really find just about any style you’d hope to secure. When it comes to feathers, they can often look “busy” so try to use a stark contrast in colors to your hair. This problem can easily be solved by a hot pink feather headband (unless you dye your hair hot pink, which is very Scott Pilgrim of you.)

Feather Headbands for Women

L. Erickson Wide Feather Headband
From Amazon, HERE

L. Erickson 1/4″ Spotted Feather Headband 100% Silk Charmeuse
From Amazon, HERE

Pink and Purple Couture Feather Headband with Purple Flower and Large Rhinestone
From Etsy user BellaFleur1, HERE

The Lucy- White Feather Headband
From Etsy user YellowbirdBluebird, HERE

Feather Headband
From Go Jane, HERE

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