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by on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I am in true awe of the online jewelry boutique The Pretty Peacock.They create eco-friendly silver jewellery, including custom necklaces for women. Their fine silver necklaces are especially great.

I’ve seen a lot of different birthstone jewelry created in different ways, and far too often it comes across as tacky. But if you are interested in creative and classy pieces, this site has a really beautiful take on birthstone jewelry. This is, in part, because they pay attention to details. For instance, the Family Birthstone Necklace has crystals that are all channel set thus giving them a refined aesthetic. There’s nothing cheesy here!

Showing you the channel set crystals in the Family Birthstone Necklace

Not only is the site beautiful, home to a million different wonderful jewelry pieces, but an experience shopping with The Pretty Peacock is one that you can’t beat.

Having had the luxury of working with the site, my experience was so genuinely positive that I feel automatically encouraged to seek them out again when I need to purchase a present for myself or someone else. (Not that I ever need to purchase something for myself, but you know what I mean!)

The person I spoke with, Ana, was beyond the normal scope of friendly and helpful. I could tell she was passionate (you might think you can’t get vibes like that through text, but you SO can) and I think she was just such a doll.

Lotus Petal Sanskrit Pendant ~ Satyam Truth

Something Ana told me in our numerous e-mail exchanges (which eventually felt so much just like two friends gabbing than serious work business – which I believe is called “good bedside manner” when Doctors do it)  that they have some new I also have some new Sanskrit jewelry pieces that will have the option of being stamped with the word “yoddha.” She went on to say that “yoddha” means warrior in Sanskrit, and is the word that Star Wars’ Yoda was named after. BOOM, you are now armed to impress your boyfriend or Sci-fi loving best friend with some knowledge!

Now, they let me review a piece. It was very hard to decide WHAT to review. I’m picky, so often I can narrow things down pretty quickly to a top three decision. But here, I had a million top picks. I finally decided on the Lotus Petal Sanskrit Pendant, customized to say “Athaya” and to have it written in Sanskirt text on the other side of a petal. What “athaya” means is fearless. Do I think I’m fearless? Hell no! That’s the entire point of me picking this. I need to reduce my anxiety and be so much more fearless in life than I currently am.

I decided that having a physical presence to remind me of that would be a very good motivational tool. Especially now that I’m outing myself to you guys, I have to hold up my end of the bargain, right? Being brave doesn’t come easy…but if I can succeed in being stronger and braver just a smidge it’ll make a world of difference in my life. I’m sure at least one of you reading this out there can relate, right? *Squirms*

I like to mention packaging of a piece when it’s exceptional, and it WAS exceptional. If you’re hoping to create a splash with great gift wrapping, you gotta use this site. What I got was a box covered in deep burgundy tissue paper, wrapped with a silky brown ribbon. On top of the box was a contact card, and a tiny peacock feather for decoration. I about swooned. Inside is a shimmery light golden colored box that has The Pretty Peacock logo on top, embossed in a burgundy color. Inside, the necklace was in-between two pieces of white padding (thicker on the bottom) for extra protection.

Because I took a moment to customize the piece to my liking, I now have a piece that is very much my own. My first thought (though, admittedly grossly morbid) was that I died wearing this fine silver necklace I would be easy to identify. Let me explain WHY I had  that thought, though – it’s just becuase as a TV journalist I’ve been watching a LOT of episodes of criminal dramas like Bones and Castle. Now that I’m thinking like a detective, that’s just where my thoughts went. The theme is that it’s distinctive, and clearly all my own taste!

If you’re wondering what Sanskrit is, it’s the classical language of India. You can customize this Sanskrit necklace to say some different words. Pick one that has meaning for you, I wear my necklace like it’s a protective charm. It’s already very special to me. It’s a present I gave to myself, and I’m fully embracing it and it feels so nice.

The Sanskrit necklace has two fine silver Lotus Petals which are small, making this easy to wear on an everyday basis for sure. One petal comes with the Sanskrit text on it, and the other comes with the English translation (I choose to have the Sanskrit word written out in English, instead of the translation.) The petals overlap, but you can always see some of both. One side of the petal has the stamping, and the other has an ornate pattern. You can flip each petal around, depending on how you want to wear it. You can also put the necklace on the opposite way for even more variation. I like that the small petals and the lariat all act to give the necklace some distinction.

The Sanskrit necklace is made of fine silver aka 99% purse silver (higher than Sterling silver.) It’s a great necklace for people with nickel allergies and it is an eco-friendly necklace as well. I love eco friendly silver jewellery, so yay for that!

Ideas of the words you can purchase:

  1. ‘Satyam’ – Truth
  2. ‘Athaya’ – The Fearless
  3. ‘Prajna’ – Wisdom
  4. ‘Ahimsa’ – Do no harm
  5. ‘Karma’

If you have a word you would like in Sanskrit, you can also have that custom done.

Sweet Fortune Cookie Necklace

But the thrill is the idea of having a piece all my own. The Pretty Peacock lets you customize just about all of their pieces. And most of them include hand stamping that is different for each piece. There’s just something that makes me feel so special about having a piece no one else can replicate. And you can go further than I did for a more out of the box approach to a unique jewelry piece. They are more than willing to accommodate you in your vision.

All of the jewelry pieces have amazing sculpted silver that speaks SO highly of the quality. Even the smallest types of items on their site seem outrageously spectacular for this reason.

Because they love to help you personalize jewelry, it’s an ideal site for gifts for bridesmaids, gifts for daughters, and gifts for the mother of the bride. You know, something with that extra special UNGH!

Family Stone Pendant

I am lucky enough to now set up a giveaway with The Pretty Peacock, and it’s open to the US AND ABROAD! We don’t always get to do that! And I know some of you ladies are from Canada, Australia, or the UK! This will be one of our eco friendly giveaways everyone can enter!

Additionally, I want to say how proud we can all be that The Pretty Peacock was just recognized by the infamous InStyle Magazine for October 2010 (Katherine Heigl on the cover.)  InStyle decided to feature the Sweet Fortune Cookie Pendant and the Family Stone Pendant! The Pretty Peacock has lots of other custom necklaces for women, so check them out today!

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