Nine Eco-Friendly Sandals Under $100

by on Monday, April 26th, 2010

I’ve round up nine different pairs of pretty eco-friendly sandals that are on sale for under $100.Lots of people are looking for cheap eco-friendly shoes, but sometimes I think those are the ones that will fall apart fast. There are some beautiful eco friendly sandals that are super expensive, and as much as I love them – I’m not going to buy THOSE ones. Style under 100 is how I roll in my actual life, not just on this shopping blog. True fact!

eco friendly sandals sale 2010

  1. Birki’s Noppy-Flex Eco Friendly Sandals on Sale $68
  2. Simple Flipee Eco Certified Nubuck $29
  3. Birkenstock Madrid Birka-Flor $49
  4. Birkenstock Granada Birka-Flor sandals on sale $69
  5. Birkenstock Isis Birka-Flor sandals on sale$71
  6. The North Face W Ex-Boyfriend Eco Friendly Sandals $29
  7. Patagonia Eco Friendly Sandals $75
  8. Montrail Make Slide Eco Friendly Sandals Sale $59
  9. Bass Anthem Eco Friendly Sandals $55

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