chicBuds Retractable Earphones Review & Giveaway

by on Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The She’s Smart Appeal: The earphones for my iPod tend to get all tangled, and since I love ORDER – it really bugs me. I try to keep them wound nicely when they’re not in use, but my efforts never really pay off. That’s why I was glad when I discovered chicBuds, because they offer retractable earphones that you can carry around easily without looking like a spaz (even if, like me – you actually are quite spazzy!).

chic buds

Retractable, decorative earphones to accessorize your music habit, whether it be with an iPod, portable CD player or your personal computer (for cell phones, see chicBabies). chicBuds are detailed with genuine Swarovski Crystals transforming, what was once simply functional, into ear candie.

Available in five delicious flavors… ah, colors: Blueberry, Grape, Watermelon, Sour Apple and Marshmallow! – chicBuds Website

Not only do chicBuds make this cool product (the kind we’ve needed for years!) but they’re dedicated to being stylish. And hello, that’s something I can definitely get on board with at any time! The entire company is geared towards stylish women and girls who love details. The retractable earphones I’m talking about? They have genuine Swarvorski crystals in your choice of color (or ‘flavor’ as they cutely say).

chic buds pic

Graciously, chicBuds sent me a pair of the White chicBuds Earphones in the Watermelon Flavor which comes with pink Swarvorski crystals on the retracting component as well as the earbuds. Tres cute! When I saw these, I thought of a twitter conversation exchange between none other than Taylor Swift and John Mayer where Swift complimented Mayer on his new album Battle Studies (where she has guest vocals), and he suggested they bedazzle something. Bedazzling things is in our fabulous natures.

chicbuds review

The She’s Smart Pro’s : How chicBuds work is easy and they tell you how in the directions that are included in the packaged, and even on the chicBuds website. But, if you’re like me, you might accidentally get so excited to try them that you mess up right away! That’s right, instead of simply pulling from both ends I first tried pulling just from one end.

Well, I realized this was wrong and I was worried I’d ruined this cool gadget. But NEVER FEAR – even if you make this mistake like me, you can easily (and pretty speedily) fix them. At first, working these might seem slightly foreign to you because you’ve never used anything like these. But it really is just a matter of mastering the easy art of pulling and releasing.

The She’s Smart Con’s: I wouldn’t say these are perfect, even though they’re workable. But you have to realize almost nothing is perfect – not even our precious iPods. At one point I couldn’t get the cords to pull back in even though I was pulling at both ends. It was stuck in one of the designated points it releases to. But I found that a tiny nudge of pulling just one side of the cord made the entire thing pull back in nicely. It would be nice if there was a button to push that’d retract the cords for you, but I’m still very happy with these.

chicbuds pic

The She’s Smart Bottom Line: These are actually useful while also being incredibly cute. People noticed my chicBuds and complimented me on how pretty they were. “Oh, do you think these are just for show?” I’d explain dramatically before showing them the entire mechanism with a flourish. I think some of them even gasped, not that they’d admit it. The truth is, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want something like these, because they’re so helpful if you like to stay organized. And you cannot forget the added element of style. These on their own, totally plain – that’d be fine. They’d still work. But they’d be missing the extra special OOMPH ‘star’ factor.


Shop the site: chicBuds. They offer lots of other tech gadgets that are made for gals who like being fashionable in every facet of life.

chic buds contest

Giveaway: ONE WINNER (1) will receive a designer series chicBuds Retractable Earphones Set with Swarvorski Crystals. Helllooo, my pretties!

IMPORTANT! You must be a subscriber of the She’s Smart daily newsletter to be a verified winner for any contests on our site. You can subscribe via a link on our right sidebar. Winners will be checked, if you win but are not a subscriber with a validated e-mail you forfeit your prize! That’s no fun!

Mandatory First Entry – Shop Virtually!: E-mail with your name/address and the name of an item from chicBuds you’d really like to buy (other than what is offered in the contest). Please note that you’re a Shes’s Smart newsletter  subscriber, or subscribe at this time.

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USA residents 18+ only, no P.O boxes. Winner chosen by The winner(s) will be e-mailed. The contest ends  November 30th, 2009!

Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You deserve it. XO – Jessica Rae

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