The Allure of a Chain Strap Purse is Gripping Me to No End!

by on Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Okay, Chanel is FAMOUS for making chain strap purses. But I will never own a Chanel bag in my lifetime, and I have to be okay with that. And I won’t let that stop me, either. If you’ve been watching Damages on FX, then you know there’s a particular designer chain link strappy purse that is important this season. (No spoilers, don’t panic.) Watching Rose Byrne aka Ellen Parsons (who is so beautiful, let’s just pause and savor her beauty) carry the purse around makes my brain go: IWantOneIWantOneIWantOne. And who am I to deny myself? Well, I deny myself TONS. Which is really all the more reason to not deny myself this kind of purse. But first I have to find the right one. Which sadly cannot be this amazing Lauren Merkin Bag because it’s over $300! Boo, go on sale!

rose byrne purse

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