Cadet Hats for Women by ISIS

by on Saturday, October 9th, 2010

It’s getting time to think about scarves, gloves and hats! Well, now I’ve got the hat part covered thanks to Isis, a shopping site that specializes in women’s wear for active women.

* Our one and only goal in everything we do is to develop attractive performance clothing that fits women’s bodies and their lives.

* ISIS is made up of 95% women and we want the same thing you do in clothing – something that fits, looks good, gives us confidence, and enables us to enjoy the great outdoors. The clothing we design is inspired by nature and our favorite activities – combining both fashion and function.

* We understand that fit is more than just a number on a size chart. We know real women have real bodies: hard here and soft there, long in the torso and short in the legs and any combination you can imagine. That why we design clothes to fit the bodies and lives of real women.

We received the cozy Cadet Hat, which is made of boiled wool, wooden buttons and a microfleece lining. It’s available in seven different colors/prints. And it’s SUPER cute and stylish! I’ve gotten compliments already. The only con is that the style of this hat (read: cadet hats) means it doesn’t go over your ears – so I’ll wear it when my hair down to cover them.

But the pro to that is that it’ll keep my head from being cold, and it won’t cover so much of your hair that it’ll make it all frizz and give you the dreaded hat head that my beret tends to gives me.

I love the Isis company, especially for the fun facts they have on their website. I.E.:

% of us that were married on September 6th: 24% – weird coincidence we know!

Favorite place for lunch: Tiny Thai

Best pot-luck dish: Lindsey’s homemade vegetarian chili

Overall Favorite Jacket: Raindrop Trench

Titles that are in the ISIS Book Share rack: Three Cups of Tea, The Tenderness of Wolves, Beneath a Marble Sky, the Red Tent, Marley & Me, Confessions of a Shopaholic (ok some of us enjoy chicklit)!

Number of exercise balls used as chairs: 3

Number of exercise balls that have popped while someone was sitting on it: 1 – believe us it can happen!

This company has a sense of humor, and I bet all of their clothing is as comfortable as this hat. It’s not just “exercise clothing” it’s clothing for your real life!

Disclosure: I was sent an item for review but no monetary compensation was given for my opinion.

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