Some of the Best Everyday Sneakers for Wide Feet (Brooks Brand Review)

by on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

As a casual sort o’ gal, I love to wear sneakers –  A LOT. When it came time to get a new pair, I was looking at the Brooks Brand of Shoes.While I hadn’t worn any before, I figure that it can only do me good to branch out into knowing and wearing more sneaker brands. Just because I know other brands more doesn’t mean they’re more suited to me. I reached out to Brooks Brand, and they were kind enough to send me out a pair of sneakers to try out.

But first, I told them exactly what I was looking for. And what DO I look for? Comfort, for one thing. And the shoes need to be durable, since, as I said, I wear sneakers a lot. And call me shallow, but I care what things LOOK like. I don’t want to wear ugly shoes, you know?

I was sent the Brooks Glycerin 8. Immediatley after slipping these puppies on I could feel a comfortable difference in these sneakers over other’s I’ve worn. Also, these are super cute-tastic. They’re sporty, but not without an artistic design element to them.

Back to how comfortable they are! These shoes have Bio Mogo (these are the world’s first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes) and Brooks DNA that reacts to your steps by diffusing the impact and keeping your feet comfortable no matter what pace you are at. (I’m never at a super, super fast pace, but I still felt an incredibly sense of cushioning below my feet – I actually felt bouncy! This can improve endurance. To sporty types, that means sporty things. What does it mean to me? It means my feet will be comfortable for marathon shopping sprees (and most of my shopping outtings turn out to be much longer than I anticipate) or any other activity where I’m on my feet for a while. Some women don’t mind shoes that pinch, but I surely do. I only wear comfortable shoes. And if I’m at a Bar-B-Que, an art museum, or at the grocery store – I always want my comfortable shoes on me!

In addition to its adaptable properties, Brooks DNA also maximizes the underfoot performance of running shoes, providing:

* 30% better cushioning than standard gel or EVA materials at baseline impact levels, and even better at higher impacts;

* Twice as much energy return with maximum force applied;

* Better efficiency across a range of impact forces—great performance under different weights and paces;

* Enhanced forefoot flexibility ensuring a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

I COULD summarize the above, and lots more. But in simple terms, these shoes just FEEL COMFORTABLE! Not just, “Oh, good, these are okay.” They are beyond comfortable. They are “Ahhh, I love these!” (For instance, if you are looking for shoes for any sort of traveling vacation where you’ll be walking all over Paris, I’d definitely recommend these. Though these are technically running shoes I’d say these are some of the best shoes for travel walking.) You can feel a difference with these shoes.

High in quality, these shoes are made for people who care about picking functional sneakers. But I’m just a normal girl! (I’m not a pro athlete, or really any sort of athlete at all!) Still, I can benefit from these supportive athletic shoes, which just so happen to be ones the pro’s also adore. I like that these are a pro pick, but I love them because they work for me just as well.

Sweet! Runner’s World deemed Glycerin® 8 “Editor’s Choice” in its Spring 2010 Shoe Guide in the March issue, on newsstands February 2, 2010.

You know that we do Dress Like a TV Character features a lot, so what TV character’s might like Brooks Brand? Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars (she runs track!) would love these. I also think that Liz Lemon from 30 Rock would enjoy these, because, just like me, she likes things that are ultra comfy! Sarah Walker on Chuck has to run all the time since she’s a sexy, super-spy, so mark her down for about a bazillion pairs in different colors (because she also loves to look kind of girly sometimes.)I also think that Jules Cobb from Cougar Town would have a pair of Brooks Brand sneakers, because she doesn’t scrimp on things.

I told the Brooks press that the people who read aren’t necessarily hardcore athletes (some of you may be, I don’t know) we’re just women who like to shop smart for quality products that won’t fail us.

Being active is important. I need to walk Shopdog more, even though as she gets old she wants to walk for shorter lengths – she still wants to go outside. I don’t want to feel like I fail her by not giving her the outdoor attention she craves. (I don’t have a fence, so I can’t let her out by herself. Meaning, yes, in the Winter I have to shove on shoes and take her outside in the snow at 3 a.m. sometimes when she’s sick!) These lightweight sneakers are ideal for all sorts of weather, and all sorts of personalities.

It’s hard to be excited (rah, rah…blah!) about being active. But having cute accessories and comfortable gear (from shoes to pants to a tiny ipod shuffle) is helpful to encourage me to want to move around.

Oh! And some of you guys might remember that I have wide feet! I feel best in a wide width shoe. These definitely accommodated my feet! In terms of all the sneakers I’ve worn before, these are some of the best sneakers for wide feet. Too many brands offer only the standard size, and that size is always just a tad too tight for me to be entirely pleased. I ordered these in Wide (D) and they were perfect. I used a size 10, which is what I always wear in sneakers and these felt very true to size. These are also available in narrow (or regular.)  And the arch support is GREAT! I didn’t have to break these in at all, from the first wear they were perfect for me.

The price on the Glycerin is $130, more than I typically spend on sneakers. But considering ALL of the pro’s, I can see how these are worth the money. And if you don’t want these exact shoes but are very interested in the Bio Mogo and the Brooks DNA technology that makes these so comfortable, there are other shoes like the Summon 2 that are just $85. The “Neutral” collection is best for having great cushioning and flexibility. There are other collections that are specifically best for runners (who need stability), people who run cross country, people who work on trails, etc. There are walking shoes too, and I think the next time I need to buy sneakers it might be the Addiction 8 from the walking collection for $85. See, I really do appreciate the Brooks brand now.

Having had a chance to try a pair of Brooks shoes for myself, I think these are a really good choice for women who wear sneakers several times a week, or who have a dedicated sport they practice.

Brooks’ mission is to inspire everyone to Run Happy and be active by creating innovative gear that keeps them running longer, farther, and faster.

View: Brooks Glycerin 8

In short: I love these Glycerin 8 Brooks Brand sneakers. They’re pricey, but you’ll really get what you pay for with these. These are some of the best everyday sneakers I’ve ever worn.

If you are looking for the best shoes for travelling (i.e. best sneakers for travel), some of the best running sneakers for wide feet, some of the best wide width running shoes, some of the best sneakers for wide feet check out Brooks Brand.

Disclosure: I was sent a review item, but was not monetarily compensated in any way. The views expressed are my own.

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