Remarkably Hip Animal Friendly Purses and Wallets by Namaste Inc.

by on Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I’ve just seen the pictures of five different adorable animals who all belong to the family that owns and operates Namaste Inc. The company makes animal friendly faux leather purses, animal friendly wallets, and even more very smart, stylish accessories. This company exudes warmth. And every aspect of their company is stylish, even down to the fonts used on their website. I’m very, very impressed. They have real vision, and this is a company to respect.

Receiving items from Namaste INC. put a smile on my face. Here’s what I got and what I thought of it:

animal friendly purses

animal friendly purses

animal friendly purse

Urban Hip Holster: It’s boasted as being durable (check mark!) and made of PVC free materials (check mark!) It comes with two attachable/detachable straps. I like the shoulder strap, but I can’t see myself using the hip strap because I’m not confident enough to rock even the most stylish of fanny-pack like items. This is a really sporty type of small purse, and it’s deep so you can pack it full of tons of stuff. There’s a small pocket in the front, and then the main compartment. Both parts open and close with twist locks. The nylon is cool, but as of December Namaste INC is launching the new Classic Hip Holster which is made in colorful faux leather – and I like that a tad better. I think this is great to use when you really want to focus on function, and not having a purse that will get in the way. It’d be great for traveling, near or far. 3″ W (at base, 2″ at top) X 8″ H X 6″ L $45.00.

animal friendly wallets

animal friendly wallets

animal friendly wallet

Namaste Wallet: Everyone who sees this instantly falls in love. This is proof that material doesn’t have to be real leather for it to look luxe. There are so many great colors, and I was sent the red wallet. I’ll use the front zipper pocket for a coupon I plan to use that day, or a pair of earrings that I take out and don’t want scratched. There’s a snap closure that opens up to a very spacious area with lots of room for credit cards (and hopefully a library card!) The size is a little larger than my previous wallet, but I think it’s nice that you can carry this around and it’s almost like a little clutch. (I hate carry heavy bags during holiday shopping.) 8.75″ L x 1″ W x 4.75″ H $40.00

ipod cases

purse accessories

purse accessories

Buddy Case: These are a real winner. They have colorful candy colors, and liven up the inside of your purse. But what’s great is that it protects fragile items inside of the hard shelled case. It’s perfect for holding digital cameras, iphones, mp3 players or tiny little items. For instance, you could travel somewhere and store your jewelry in there. The inside walls are magnetized, so if you’re a sewer you can store all of your notions there so they don’t get lost. It has a remover interior divider to further help you keep organized (I prefer to remove it.) My only note is that I wish the snaps on this and the wallet were magnetized so they closed easier. It comes in TONS of colors, and you’ll want a handful of these little Buddy Cases. 5.5″ L x 1.75″ W x 3″ H $17.25.

Shop: Namaste Inc.

Disclosure: I received items to review, and there was no monetary compensation.

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