2011 Jewelry Trends: Hey, What Colors DO Pearls Come in?

by on Friday, November 26th, 2010

Modern Pearl Earrings are heeeeere! …Do I sound like Oprah? Ahaha.

2011 jewelry trendThere is one 2011 jewelry trend that you can adjust for easily as the seasons turn. If I say “pearls” you might cringe and conjure up the image of a very poised and modest elderly woman wearing very classic pearls. And you know what, classic pearls are never going out of style – so let’s not knock them. HOWEVER, maybe you’re young and fresh and want to be ladylike or stylish without feeling like you’re your Mother. That’s when you need to stop thinking about pearls as being just white, and think about multi-colored pearls.

2011 jewelry trends

Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Stud Earrings, 10.0-11.0mm

I received a pair of lavender pearl earrings to review from PurePearls.com, and they’re something I like wearing now, but can keep and treasure forever and ever (amen!) and pass down to grandkids, nieces, etc. Colored lavender pearls are modern pearl earrings that will also be classic no matter what. (And yes, I AM always thinking ahead, it’s the first born in me.) Pearls LAST. My Mom has all of her Mother’s pearls right now! And pearls also match anything. But you don’t want them to be dowdy. Well, lavender pearls are several things, but not dowdy.

What Colors do Pearls come in? Naturally (they CAN be artificially dyed, too), they can come as white pearls, black pearls, pink pearls, chocolate pearls, lavender pearls and gold pearls. For white pearls, you can also pick white gold or yellow gold as with others, BUT ALSO if the pearl should have a rose overtone, cream overtone or silver overtone. My last little bit of trivia is that black pearls only come as what is called Tahitian Pearls, but you can get Freshwater and Akoya black pearls that have been dyed. And it’s not a horrible deal, because I doubt anyone would know.

How Much do Pearl Studs cost? What should you pay for them? To give you an idea, Pure Pearls has the 7.0-8.0 mm lavender pearl studs regularly for $45.00 (currently on sale for $40.50) compared to a retail price of over $200. The 9.0-10.0 lavender pearl studs are regularly $90.00 (currently on sale for $81.00 (compared to a retail price of almost $500.00.

spring 2011 jewelry trends

Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 7.0-8.0mm

White is okay, but colored pearls like lavender pearls are really making a comeback now that there are so many great places to get deals on affordable genuine pearls. I completely trust Pure Pearls. They send you your jewelry in a wonderful jewelry box, and with an official appraisal.

Who loves pearls? Well, I showed my lavender pearls around and my youngest sister who is 20 loved them, my Mother who is in her 50’s loved them, and I loved them too! Basically, we all want to wear them at the same time – which is not physically possible. Luckily, now i know there are deals to be had!

summer 2011 jewelry trends

Golden South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings, 12.0-13.0mm

My freshwater lavender pearl earrings are AAA quality, which means truly round. Some pearls have more of a button shape, and will be labeled AA or AA+. I got the most popular size of 7.0-8.0mm (perfect size, I’d recommend this size for any pearl studs), in yellow gold. I love these, and how you can tell they’re something special when you see them.

I see that you could break down 2011 jewelry trends like this:

spring 2011 jewelry trends : modern pearl earrings a la pink pearls and white pearls with cream overtones.

fall 2011 jewelry trends : lavender pearls, black pearls and chocolate pearls.

summer 2011 jewelry trends : gold pearls and white pearls.

fall 2011 jewelry trends

Lavender Freshwater Pearl Earrings, 6.0-7.0mm

Check out all of the Freshwater Pearl Bracelets they have when you’re looking around PurePearls.com. Some of those bracelets have really cool heart toggle clasps. When we ran a pearl bracelet giveaway back in September, our winner, Debra B, picked a bracelet with that heart toggle clasp. If you recall, I reviewed a Tin Cup Pearl Necklace, which my earrings will now match.

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Want modern pearl jewelry? Check out the second black pearl necklace:

2011 jewelry trends

Black Akoya Pearl Bracelet, 6.5-7.0mm

modern pearl jewelry

Black Tahitian Baroque Pearl Lariat Necklace, 9.0-10.0mm / 10.0-11.0mm

fall 2011 jewelry trends

Black Freshwater Pearl 3-Piece Jewelry Set, 8.0-9.0mm

Disclosure: I received an item for review, but there was no monetary compensation.

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