She’s Smart is a smart shopping blog. If you’re looking for giveaway blogs, giveaway blog sites or Etsy giveway blogs – we do all of that here!

When you have the same shoe cravings as Carrie Bradshaw, but not the fantastical budget of a fictional character – what in the world of Jimmy Choo do you do? You shop smart. ShesSmart.com is for women who love to shop, but have the sense to do it realistically. We all have budget’s, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style.

Your She’s Smart bloggers are experienced writers (and shoppers!) There’s Jessica, Eve, Rachel and Nancy. Also along for the adventures in shopping are Shopcat and Shopdog.

We enjoy shopping,  blogging and trying new products. We live real lives with pets and kids. We have the need for an abundance of caffeine, a growing awareness for eco-friendly products, silly crushes on A-list celebrities, and an especially fond appreciation for fellow females who use the Internet to make their lives a little less complicated.

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